World Cup 2014

I was planning on writing about gendered violence in Breaking Bad over the weekend but I got sucked into watching the World Cup instead. I suppose it did what world sporting events ought to and drew my attention away from other, less pleasant current events.  I did have quite a bit of fun live tweeting the games and was quite moved not only by the milestone entrance of Bosnia Herzegovina’s into the World Cup tournament but by the strong effort they put forth in their opening game against Argentina.

The World Cup has produced quite a good crop of commercials. Gatorade” bippity-boppity-boom rendition was the best branding I’ve seen so far. Hyundai and FIFA also know who their potential viewers are, designing a product promotion specifically for a straight, male, American sports fan.

There was also a canned special about the US team in which Coach Klinsman gave a much more positive spin on the team’s chances than he did last week.  Although, if you look at the quote in context, it’s a pretty logical answer to the question of whether the team can be considered an underdog. It can’t. And Americans don’t like being the underdog anyway. We like being the best!

I watched seven games over the past two days and there have been some great plays, some awful strategizing, some examples of the effect a team “leader” can have on the performance of their teammates (I’m looking at you Cote D’Ivoire), and the emergence of a true underdog, a team from a country that is a little over two decades old and brings a Rusky style of play.  Today I also learned that Bosnia Herzegovina declared a state of emergency in May after the worst flooding since they started keeping records 120 years ago. Three months worth of rain fell in three days. Miralem Pjanic, member of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s squad bought a pharmacy’s entire stock of medical supplies to be distributed to the victims.

Here’s how you can help flood victims in the region

I also have to admit that I’ve become a fan of Super Mario


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